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Sön 02 Oktober 2016

Python and Pluralsight

Posted by Peter Reuterås in Tips   

I wanted to learn more about threads and later multiprocessing in Python so I started to code a simple server. It doesn't do anything useful (only stats files) but it was useful for learning to code basic concepts about threads and processes. If you start the server and sends a directory path to it (look in the client) it will stat the file. A status command is available to question the database process in the server for the current number of files in the database. The concepts where fun to try and fail with. Some initial logic was completely broken and it was really gratifying when I found solutions to communicate between processes. Much simpler then with the built in threads in Python. I've uploaded the code to a new lab repository for python, python-lab.

Even though Pluralsight didn't have anything to do with the testing above (even if I've started to look at one Python course) I really must recommend the service. I was recommended by one colleague at work and at the moment I know that we are at least three colleagues paying or the site ourselves. Perfect to learn new concepts or get a quick overview about a subject. Used it recently to get a quick introduction to ZeroMQ and now I've started to learn more about graph databases. Doesn't cost that much even though I get a lower price because of a MSDN subscription. I can recommend employers to give access to your employees. If you have motivated employees they will learn a lot and you can also monitor their progress if you have a business account. You can find my profile here.