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Ons 24 Augusti 2016

Open source and how easy it is to contribute

Posted by Peter ReuterÃ¥s in Tips   

Still on vacation and tested a tool yesterday that was on one of my to do lists. The tool is EventMonkey and I was interested in how it could make it easier to search the eventlog in Windows. I took some logs from a VM and tried to run the tool on them in an other Linux VM. Since I had created the folder already I ended up in a python try/except code that was expecting a WindowsError error type. Unfortunately this error is only available in Windows versions of python. A quick visit to Google and I found this previous. With Github you can submit a patch from the web so the only thing I had to do to suggest the same fix for EventMonkey was to edit the file in Chrome and submit it. Took a minute or two and then it was done. The only thing that I didn't like was that Github added a fix for missing last newline in the file so the patch affected two lines instead of the single line that I intended. The patch was accepted later that day and I must say that this is one example of how everyone can benefit from open source.