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Fre 06 Maj 2016

Docker for Mac and Docker for Windows

Posted by Peter ReuterÃ¥s in Tips   

I've been running a couple of services in docker containers for some time. At the moment it's RT and Tiny Tiny RSS. Since I mostly use my MacBook Pro at home I've been running a Debian VM in VMware Fusion to run Docker. Git repositories have been shared via shared files from my Mac to the VM running Docker. This haven't been an optimal solution so when I heard of the beta program for Docker for Mac I immediately signed up. Earlier this week I finally got my beta code and I've tried it on both Mac and Windows and it works great. Being able to test changes to a Dockerfile directly from my Mac saves times and makes developing easier. Using it on Windows means I get access to a Linux shell and a lot of tools that I'm used to have access to.

So far I've only had time to look at possibilities and I haven't look in to the security of the tools. But as a person doing a little development in my spare time I really like the beta as it makes it possible to use Docker on all mayor desktop platforms. Being able to run a docker build on all platforms to validate a small change to a Dockerfile is great. Since I miss grep, sed, awk, pcre and other text tools on Windows and they differ on Mac and Linux I'll probably make a container with the basic tools installed. That way I can do basic regexp searching with the same syntax on Mac OS X, Windows and Linux. There are many other options and possibilities and the only limit is your imagination.