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Sön 15 Februari 2015

Applications and tools that I use

Posted by Peter Reuterås in Tips   

I use a lot of tools at home and the purpose of this post is to list some of them. If you are interested to know more about a specific tool feel free to contact me.

To keep track of things that I planed to do with my home environment I use two different tools. For current and smaller changes I use RT as my ticketing system or simple my own private to do list. Things that probably will take longer to complete or that I have to investigate the best solution is often related to security and risks that I have identified. That kind of tasks are entered into SimpleRisk.

Documentation, lists and some to do items are entered into my wiki of choice, Confluence from Atlassian. I might try more of there tools later since I really like the wiki.

Logs are collected in Splunk at the moment but I'll probably switch to ELK in the future. Flow logs from my firewall of choice pfSense is collected with flow-capture for later analysis. I also use Security Onion to monitor traffic and to handle full packet capture.

My current first choice when I write new programs is Python and if I need a interactive web I choose Django. Versioning is done with git and editing with vim. I've also tried Microsoft Visual Code and should therefore also try Atom by Github (the original). I use Jenkinks-CI for automated testing of programs that I write.

Currently I have a Synology NAS but I'll probably switch to FreeNAS or something similar the next time I'll upgrade.

Virtualization is done with libvirt (qemu/kvm) since management of ESXi without vSphere is a pain and the license cost is to high. But I'm not sure I would switch since libvirt works really well. Servers are a mix of CentOS, Fedora, Kali, Ubuntu and Debian. To manage these servers and make sure that they are up to date and the configuration is correct I use Ansible.